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the woman who is never, ever bored


Hello! You have reached the blog of Shelley Detton; mother, wife, artist, and born with an insatiable need to create beautiful things. Hence my blog name: I couldn't decide which facet of my creative endeavors to highlight, so why compromise? I just included them all: painting, monotypes, baking/cake decorating, sewing, scrapbooking, landscape/interior design, and (hopefully soon) textile design.

I graduated with a BFA in printmaking from BYU, and am very happy to be getting back into the artistic mode again after taking a 5-year break.

This blog is a journal of the things I love to an inevitable photo here and there of my 3 darling kiddos, of course!


well, obviously i love working with my hands and making things, but i also love music, i love to read and play sports - especially basketball. when i was a kid i would read as often and as much as i could, even reading a book while standing in the lunch line. i don't have much time (correction: i don't make much time) to read at this point in my life, but i still like to sneak in a good book once in awhile. as for, let's just say i was a lot better at it in high school. i'm totally out of practice! ps. I don't know why this text won't publish capital letters, but apparently that's the way it has to be. Just wanted you to know that. :-)