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September 20, 2013


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Whitney W

So happy to see you post again! I love see your projects, they are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


Hey, it all looks amazing! Glad to see you are able to move into your living room.

Sarah Cresap

You are kind of like a plastic surgeon being able to plant and know what it will look like when it all matures. Amazing. And the mantel is amazing. And the play house is huge and awesome! And this is you being less prodcutive? Wow. I think I watch too much tv ;) Love you! And really enjoyed your visit this summer!! Come again!!!

Jenna Consolo

I've been checking at least weekly too! So glad to see a new post! I love everything you do!


I am glad to see that you are back Shelley and with such amazing projects to show for.
This may not be the right place to do it, but I have to ask - do you still accept bags for the Sewing for Orphans project?

Beverly Atkins

Do I have to actually type how thrilled I am to see your post????? You are amazing! I love your fireplace and if I were 60 years younger, I'd love the playhouse too. I have missed you but I knew you would be back. I can't wait until you're sewing again but then you already know how patient I am.

I'll be back to check on you. OH - thanks for making me and Jennifer blog celebrities!


Thanks everybody! It occurred to me after I posted this that it probably sounded like I was fishing for comments/compliments when I was talking about lack of incentive to blog. I promise that wasn't my intention, but thank you very much for all your kind words! You all made me smile and feel glad.
Manuela, I'm not able to ship bags to Bulgaria anymore, but I'm encouraging people to make the bags (or smaller ones to hold toiletries) for local needy kids (foster care, impoverished areas)instead. Thanks for being willing to help!

Linda Z

I love the way that your fireplace surround and mantle came out. It's just beautiful! I'm going to be redoing mine, and I wondered what marble mosaic you used. On the Lowe's site I found a beige marble mosaic, but it looks lighter than yours. Could you share the name of the product? Thanks so much.


Thanks Linda! I looked online at Lowes.com and did not see the tile I used on their website. I bought mine at the store, and unfortunately I don't have any packaging left that would identify it. I remember it cost about 12$ a square foot, and some stones were smooth and some rough. Hopefully you can visit a local store and they will have it in stock!

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