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May 16, 2013


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Oh, you've DEFINITELY been creating! You are fearless when it comes to tackling a project. I admire that. The fire pit sounds really nice.

Sorry about the pics being too grainy. They are great shots otherwise. My Canon EOS will zoom in pretty tight for me in preview mode, so I can check for closed eyes and blurry shots. My problem is an uncooperative family. You'd think they were in the witness protection program!


Wow, you are so productive! Love your family shots, too bad about the blur. I've learned to have really low expectations when it comes to family pictures. I loved Ann's comment about the witness protection program--that's us!
My kids want a treehouse, too. I'm just afraid that the short lived cottonwood trees we have around here will die, fall over, and take the treehouse with them. Yeah, any excuse not to build a treehouse.


Edith, I agree about those cottonwoods...I wouldn't want to build anything in them either! You just need to get your FIL and husband to work together and build something spectacular - I still remember the amazing playhouse your FIL built in his own backyard!
Thanks, Ann, for the camera tip - I have tried zooming in but it's hard for me to really see the images in the outside light...plus I'm always in a hurry because if I wait too long my family will lose their willingness to cooperate...and act like the WPP that your family pertains to! :-)


You are one busy woman! I love your idea for your firepit. All your mention of hot and muggy weather made me think you might be in my area, but seeing your kids standing barefoot in the grass, I knew you were not. Barefeet and fireants don't mix.

I'm interested to see how you are going to do your new fireplace. We've also got a corner fireplace I want to move. It's not wood burning, so moving it is possible, I'm just not sure where I want it to be next.

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