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December 25, 2012


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Everything looks beautiful, Shelley! I never would have thought about editing the light in your pictures. Course, I never would have thought of most of the beautiful things you do.
Funny thing: I was looking for a craft idea for the primary and found the exact bird ornament craft you referenced in your post. Here it is: http://jessicajanehandmade.blogspot.com/2010/12/holiday-ornament-tutorial.html
Great to see your family. Congratulations on the cat!

Whitney W

Everything looks beautiful! Your house looks like it belongs in a magazine. I also love the idea of personalized trees in the kid rooms. Inspirational as always!


Thanks Whitney! Hope you had a great Christmas!


Thanks Edith! And thanks for the link to that bird tutorial - I'll go back and put the link in there. Miss you!

Alexandra Mann

Happy Holidays to you too. I love your blog - it gives me so many ideas for my home. This year I hung ornaments in the window and we made a star for the tree topper and added glitter too. I love how most of your items are from the Dollar Tree and you make them up to be from Crate and Barrel. I think you should use your first photo of your house as your Christmas card. It is all so beautiful!! I look forward to your posts for 2013. Have a great New Year.

Sona Jacob

OH! So, so pretty!
Merry Christmas and a Hppy New Year to you and your family!


Andrea allen

Oh how I miss you, especially during the holidays! When you made your brownies with candy canes on top did you frost them? I couldn't remember, & mine didn't work worth beans


Thanks everyone! I miss you too, Andrea! Yes, I drizzled melted frosting (store-bought chocolate) all over the tops of my brownies and then sprinkled crushed candy canes over them before the frosting cooled down and hardened.
Wish we still lived within walking distance so I could bring some on over...not so easy to do when you're on the other side of the country rather than across the park. :-)

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Happy holidays


That's it. You need to come decorate my house! Loved everything!


Thanks Emilie! Oh, how I wish I could come decorate your house - it would be so much fun!

Nadia Helwani Halim

so beautiful!!

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