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November 13, 2012


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Edith Songer

Get your act together . . . You're funny!! I never met anyone who does more in a day than you. If one of my kids told me that they wanted a costume on Halloween Eve, I would graciously show them the dress-up box and say, "Good luck with that."
Everything looks beautiful, as it always does.
Hazel is getting so big! Wish we could see you all again.

Wendi Lane

I LOVE the house it looks so fun and the mice are AWESOME!!! The costumes look great and as always your are able to put a fleece blanket into a costume that looks amazing as well as the last minute skeleton..I would NEVER guess!!

Hazel is growing ups so quickly and her hair is getting so long. I am sorry that you have had to deal with 3 preschools what pain :( We think of you guys often and hope you have an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!


Wendi and Edith, Thanks so much! Yes, Hazel is getting so big it's amazing. Not to worry, she still milks being the baby of the family quite well. :-)
Regarding the last minute costumes; in Eliza's defense, she had been asking to be a horse for quite some time - I just figured it would be easy to find a brown hoodie and put off shopping for it until 2 days prior to Halloween...hence the last minute rush for that one. So really, that one was completely my fault. The skeleton, on the other hand.....
It's a good thing Hyrum is such a sweetie. :-)


I love to see how you decorate. It's really beautiful. What color did you paint the dining room? Is it a grey?

office desk

Loved your new dining room. Your crow is too cute and black china hutch looks great. Overall every arrangement is worth appreciation. You have done a great job!

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