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September 05, 2012


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Beverly Atkins

Love your office. I have a bay window in my kitchen that has remained curtainless for 8 years. I'm going to use your PVC idea and finally put up curtains in my kitchen - thank you very much! I am so glad you're back. I have missed your blogging so much - and your great ideas!

DeAnn Green

What's your paint color?


office is looking good!


Amazing and inspiring, Shelley! I am so glad you are back!

egg chairs hanging

Love the striped black and white sofa plus the red carpet. It balances everything because of the color combo. Honestly, will copy this but will refine to reflect my personality too.

stephanie carpenter

I just discovered your blog by checking how the traffic on my blog found my blog and I clicked on your address and found your blog! THIS IS LINA's mom!!! Thank you so so so very much for donating to Lina's auction and adoption! Wow what a blessing and now to find your blog! YOUR BLOG is beautiful...I LOVE your decorating and your home and everything about your blog...oh my goodness I feel like I could just climb into your blog and love living in the spaces you created! Awesome! Just wanted to say thank you for helping Lina to come home! She is the most precious child ever...she is learning to give high fives, kisses and wave hi and bye! She talks and chatters all the time and is able to sit just a bit on her own now and ride in a shopping cart and a swing. She has grown over 3 inches and 10 pounds since June!
May you be blessed in all your work and in your family...with love,
stephanie brian sasha ellianna avigayil and lina carpenter

A1 Laminators

I love the first picture. I always love red, black and white themed.

A0 Laminators

I am so grateful you're returning. I have skipped your running a blog so much - and your excellent ideas!


I love the way you decorated your place,specially the working table which have a window layer which you can see the outside beauty of your house in case you want to have some dull time.

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