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August 31, 2012


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Glad to have you back! Love the little spot you've carved out. Gorgeous.


Ah, yes, I know that back-to-school feeling quite well, although I have missed them during the day this week! Funny how that works...

Never heard of drywall mud - I have annoying textured walls and have wondered if there's a way to smooth them out without too much effort on my part. Do tell!

Wendi Lane

I LOVE the color scheme it is SOOO beautiful and as always you are so good at interior design...LOVE IT!!

Aidan starts back on Tuesday and I am actually sad because we have had a great summer and I like the freedom of not having a schedule but I am weird like that :)

I LOVE the picture of Miss Hazel and cannot believe she is off to school!!

Edith Songer

Oh, man! I posted a comment yesterday but I must have missed a step--Here goes again. I love the silver mirror! I've always loved shades of grey and silver, so good job. And are you guys living somewhere else or do you mean you haven't fully unpacked yet?
And congratulations on surviving your latest bout of insanity. Summer was my latest bout. Rosalie goes to kindergarten this year, but only half day. So the bitter-sweet is only half strength.


Hey Edith! Thanks for all your comments...especially since you had to write them twice! No, we're not living elsewhere, I just haven't been able to move in yet because of pending remodeling jobs like replacing flooring in the master bedroom and building a room above the 20' high ceiling in the great room so I can have a studio space. Just little things like that. :-)
I expected to get SOOO much done with the kids all in school, but so far that hasn't quite happened....


Wendi, thanks so much! I'm glad you had a good summer with Aidan - I bet your kids have grown so much since I last saw them! One of these days I need to drive north and see you guys!
Emilie, thanks for the luv - I sure miss you too!
Peggy, the real name for the mud is Joint Compound, and it's sold where they sell tools for doing drywall over in the lumber section of hardware stores. I have found the lightweight kind to work best...when I do a post on my dining room I'll talk about it in more detail.


Hiya! Did you somehow execute all the settings of this website by yourself or you got professional help?

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