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July 09, 2012


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Sarah Cresap

Would you like to send any extra energy my way? I feel accomplished if I've folded some laundry and done the dishes! Tell Steve he's in good company. I punched my foot through the attic--a 3x4 foot hole--and only just missed falling through into our kitchen. That was our last day in a rental home with a $3k deposit :(. Could you just remove the stupid hip-height trim off that pillar? How do you keep your kids busy while you work? I'd love some tips!

Lynne Tilley

What a fantastic house; and it will all be worth it in the end, doncha know? Good luck! We can't wait to see it when it's all done, and even as it progresses.

DiAnne Chamberlain

You really like to work. My daughter is doing the same thing but on a smaller scale. They moved from Lakeview Oregon to Sumpter Oregon. Spent several years making the last property look wonderful. Now the have strted it again.

You cousins must have alot in comman. Looks wonderful already can't wait to see it finished.
Aunt DiAnne

Edith Songer

I hear you on the dangerous moulding around your pillar--we yanked out our stair railing after the third head injury--building code be danged.
How would it be to live in a place where you didn't have to run sprinkler lines. Wait, have you ever NOT lived in a place where you didn't have to run sprinkler lines?
I concur with Sarah--I need some of your drive. Btw, is your moving company going to pay you back for damages? You have plenty of before and after pics. Sigh, maybe it's not worth the extra stress to confront them. That would be hard for me to let go.


Shelley, the new house is beautiful!! I am so excited for you. I hope you and the family are doing well!


Deena Laux

My goodness, you are one busy and very talented lady! I am new to your blog, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and your lovely family. (I am amazed at how much you accomplish with three children and a husband 'in tow'.)
Your blog 'shouts' joy, enthusiasm for your art, love for your family . . . You're a fantastic writer, as well as an accomplished, hard-working and talented artist! Thank you for sharing! :-)


Thanks for posting. I've been wondering about your move. You are so busy. I can't believe how much you do. Can't wait until your next post. You are an inspiration!


sigh.... your home looks like it belongs in a movie! It's stunning!!!!

Sullivan Super Service

Really, what a great house ! But it is evident such a place requests a handyman/women. Maybe some professionals like plumber or air conditioning technicians should take a look ! Anyway, great work, keep on !

Shona Martinez

Wow! You are really lucky to have that wide space! You can place anything that you want there. But it’s good that you have decided not to overplant it, since the plants may not have enough nutrients if there are TOO many of them. I hope you’ll still post on the recent changes here. :)

Highlands Ranch Patios

The landscape design is looking really good, I have the same dilemma when we moved in to a new house. Unpacking had been quite uneasy for me since there are plenty of stuffs that needs to be prioritize first.

Allen Parker

All I want to you say is your new house is just a fantastic. Once you finish all the interior decoration work it will become a complete home.

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