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March 23, 2012


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Beverly Atkins

Love what you did! It's beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with the new house. You're just full of talent! I wish I could paint. It looks so relaxing and fullfilling to me. Look forward to seeing more. Hope the move goes smooth for everyone!


I love it. What color paint is that on the dresser? Metallic silver? I'm in love. You should be called the miracle worker.


The new space is beautiful and I love the dresser and especially the red armoire. Karen


All I can say is wow. And I want to come stay in that guest room.

Linda Beam

I love the dresser. You must have worked your fingers to the bone getting that so lovely and the finish so perfect. (Lots and lots of sanding?) Oh- Welcome to NC from a Raleigh Chick!

Beverly Atkins

Miss you! Hope all is well and that moving has been accomplished!

Joachim Wang

This is an excellent makeover! It’s difficult to imagine it used to be a basement with the added features and new arrangement. I like the way you used red, as it perfectly blends in the area, giving it a more intense look. You did a great job applying your artistic skills to this place.

Garden Designers

adorable bedroom, the red bed spread and the bed skirt is beautiful. Also, i must say that you have great painting skills.

~Aansy Stone

Ogee skirting

I like it. I love the innovation of the entire room. Changes are really noticeable, from the furniture to entirety of the room.

Linda Hernandez

I couldn't believe you have done this in your basement. I have been in dilemma how to renovate my basement as well. You just gave me idea!

mark flancia

It is so wonderful how did you do that? I have an idea now to renovate my basement.

Kim Encarpio

This is brilliant!! Kudos to you dear. You;re designing and innovative skills are almost on the prof level.

Maxine Goyer

The colors are very nice. They work well with each other. Keep them coming.

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