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January 24, 2012


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Oh Shelley! I've been having dreams about you for a few weeks now. NOW I know why!

I just can't even imagine how awesome it's going to look when it's don!

Sarah Cresap

I'm so glad you are hiring out a bunch of your basement project! So worth it! I've been thinking about your sewing studio a lot. I'll keep it in my mind forever as a symbol of living life where you are right now! I'm trying to get the energy to do that! Happy house hunting. One of my favorite activities but SOOO time consuming!


I can't believe you have to leave your beautiful home you've worked so hard on! I hope you find a great place in NC--and I know you will make it just a lovely. LOVE the mantle.

Wendi Lane

So Shelley in your spare time you???? :) I did not realize you would be moving in 2 months!! I know how much time and work you put into your home in Springfield but it appears the Lord has another plan for your family!!

Will the kids finish school in Springfield or will you pull them and head to North Carolina???

I know I am not much help...BUT if you need anything I can do just let me know!!

Good Luck!!


LOL Wendi! Actually, if you must know, I'm reacting to the stress by starting 2 new projects...because I'm completely, irrevocably insane. One is the start of a new series of paintings (2 different themes actually...after I finish some paintings I'll post pics) because I suddenly have the urge to create "real" art again. The other is the ambitious refinishing/re-upholstery project of 4 very awesome vintage chairs for our new living room that I found on Craigslist. Because, after all, I have nothing else to do right now, right?


Oh to have a beautiful basement! It's going to look so perfect when it's finished!

Beverly Atkins

I know you're busy with all you have to do. Moving is not fun. Working on the house for rental probably isn't fun either. Just wanted to say I miss you. I look forward to when you're moved and can blog again. Take care of yourself.


Really, what a great house ! The handyman you hired did a great job. Maybe some professionals like a plumber or an air conditioning technician should take a look ! Anyway, great work, keep on !

Danny Givens

You should put more pictures. Would love to see how the renovation went.

Eisenhart Latimer

Your effort, money, and time you spend in renovating your home is really a worth for it ended more beautiful and amazing look.

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