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September 16, 2011


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What a lucky girl to have such a beautiful birthday party. She is also beautiful. Wish I was 4 again with you as my Mom. Congrats to you Mom for putting on such a great party for your little girl.

Beverly Atkins

You're amazing and what a lucky little girl she is. You out did yourself. Looks like the perfect party for any four year old in love with pink. I have a little 3 year neighbor who is totally into pink. I think I'll show her Mom your blog. Bad think is, Miss Georgia just had her 3 year birthday about a week ago. Great ideas for next year though.


This party looked like the perfect quintessence of pink! How did you create that fluffy effect with the frosting?


Thank you! The cake was done with a large rose petal tip. I started in the center of the top of the cake and made ruffles over and over, and over.....
I added darker frosting to the same 16" bag so that the color got increasingly deeper pink as I went around and down to the base of the cake.


I love the variegated effect you created by changing the frosting color.


Your cake looks amazing! I am so glad you went for it. Love, Love, Love! Missing all of you...


Beautiful cake! What icing did you use? I tried to create this but it didn't turn out. Also when you say you just made ruffles over and over did you just make a wave type motion? Thanks:)


I LOVE the cake, am planning a tea party for my twins 6th birthday and I need more instructions on how to do the cake, can you help me out?

Zeledon Bohn

I am totally out of words looking at these pictures. All I can say is I LOVE THEM ALL. SALUTE! SALUTE!

Costantino Schott

My daughter's favorite color is also pink. And she will be celebrating her birthday very soon. I am planning to throw a surprise birthday party for her. Can you suggest the theme? And oh, who made the lovely cake? Can she teach me how to bake and design it? Please? :)

Westhoff Seibert

Cake looks so beautiful and delicious. It looks like a great party indeed.

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