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June 28, 2011


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Yes, it turned out sute! A million times, yes!


Argh. *CUTE*. I should really proofread.


Those Hazel pictures are PRICELESS! I cracked up at the upside down drama queen. The doll dress is VERY cute! You work well under pressure.


Cute or "sute", thanks for the compliments! Ann, glad you get as much of a kick out of the Hazel faces as I do - never a dull moment with Hazel around. Today she insisted on being called Tessie (the name of a neighbor girl) all day long. Wouldn't answer to anything else, and corrected me whenever I forgot. She even walked out the front door saying "Bye, I'm going home to my house now!" and started heading for the neighbor's. She has a much more vivid imagination than my other kids - it's fun (most of the time)to see it unfold!


Yes, totally cute! Your little one sounds just like my youngest. Her face could go from angel to scowl and back again in a micro-second. Gotta love 'em. Your oldest is a beauty too.

Beverly Atkins

It turned out precious! Great job!

Haircuts for Round faces

I have just read many of your post, u have great hand of taking shot, nice happy family indeed. I like your site.


I have spent the last hour and a half reading your "stories". You children are beautiful! To say nothing of you fabrics and patterns!


I love your daughter's dress especially her head band. I wonder if it's a DIY or you've bought it somewhere.


Thanks everybody! In answer to the questions about the headband, yes, it's something I made myself. The bow instructions can be found in my left sidebar, and the headband part is just a women's trouser sock stitched together into a band.


OMG. You are so me a few years ago! My girls have learned to be wary of saying "yes" to the requests at school to bring in baked goods, not because I complain or don't come through, but because they know it will cost me late night sleep. I love your projects and the products of your creative urges. Please keep them coming! I keep saying that my job soooo cramps my sewing style. I could LIVE in my sewing room, flitting from one project to another, most of them frivolous.

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