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May 17, 2011


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Wow. I don't even have words. I can't fathom how you accomplished all of this but you did a tremendous job! Your booth looks absolutely amazing. Your tote bags, the skirts, the quilts, all of the signage and decorative accents... you sure do have an eye for design! Congratulations in what I am sure is the tip of the iceburg. Proof positive that where there's a will, there's a way!


Congratulations! Everything is amazing. I'm glad you have so many supportive friends that helped you pull the whole thing off.


Thanks ladies!

Edith Songer

Hooray! I'm glad you put up your pictures so my family can see your stuff--and I forgot my camera like I usually do.
That is so funny about scaring people because you matched the background! Hopefully that woman will suffer no long term effects.
It was fun to be part of the experience. Good luck with your patterns.

Jenna Consolo

I've been checking for days to see this update! What a beautiful booth you put together and all the projects are just a delight for the eyes! Great work!

Deanne Morris

The booth, fabrics and products all looked beautiful. Well done!

Deanne Werth Morris


Hi Shelley,
Wow. Still, I stand all amazed at what you manage to get done. And what a funny thing to happen when the lady thought you were a mannequin. Absolutely adorable prints!!! Love them! Which fabric company should I start haunting to find them? I can see such adorable baby quilts in my future. Thanks! --Jane

Katrina London

Congratulations Shelley, everything looks ridiculously beautiful.

Not really ridiculous because you've put so much heart and energy into it.

It's been wonderful to have followed the journey here and to see it pay off!

Well done, well done, well done. I think you probably deserve a very very veeery long hot bath. With bubbles.



Thanks SO much, everyone, for all the love! I really really appreciate it!
Jane, Benartex is producing and distributing the fabric. I know that Fabric.com will be carrying it, I'm not sure of other online sites yet. And there's always your local quilt shops! If you have a favorite one, ask the owner if she/he is going to be carrying it - maybe you can persuade her to if she isn't planning on it! :-) It will be available in July/August timeframe.
Katrina, I chuckled at your bath comment - I'm actually not a bath person, but I can assure you that I wasn't very productive the first few days = spent lots of time recuperating and spending time with my family!


Shelley! Wow! Good work! I was thinking about folks from home as our big reunion is coming up and I thought I would look you up. It's fun seeing your stuff. You have really integrated your art into your ENTIRE life. That is so awesome. Congratulations for all your success. You so deserve it.
Okay, now here is a challenge for your fabulous fabricy-ness--- help me find someone who makes some funky boy clothes. Ever notice that there is about nothing out there that is interesting for boys? I have two girls and one boy and my boy loves to get attention for looking cute, but fun clothes are few and far between. Maybe our culture has issues with boys and fashion? Anyway, good work! I love to see what you've been up to.


Thanks Shelly, Benartex, got it. I will watch for it online and snatch some up when it is available. Love your dots and solids especially, but I'm sure I can't resist those birds either. Congrats on a successful venture! Live long and prosper!!


Yikes, misspelled your name - how awful is that? Chalk it up to a typo please, and not old age forgetfulness! I keep looking at your pictures and am jazzed that your designs will be in the stores. Love that Lime Squeeze! Success to you!


Jane, I didn't even notice that you misspelled my name....it happens all the time, I'm used to it. And I'm jazzed that you're jazzed!


Shelley, your Argyle quilt turned out so pretty! I just wanted to say thank you for letting me help with that one. I look forward to your other patterns coming out!


Thanks Jennifer! Thanks for being such a wonderful pattern tester for this quilt! You weeded out so many glitches, thanks so much. I'll be sure to send some patterns your way as soon as they're printed!

Sunny Price

You never cease to amaze me!! Congratulations. It looked wonderful!!

katie trott

I loved meeting you at QM! Your booth was just amazing with so much detail. It was all so well done! And your slug was just adorable, as were your fabric covered buttons :)


OMG! Your booth was just gorgeous. So glad I found your blog. Wishing you all the best with your new patterns & fabric.


Wow, thanks so much Katie and Sherry! I really appreciate it!


That was amazing - wish I could have seen it in person


beautiful...like it mucho

Marina M F Filipp (Brazil)

Hi, Shelley! Everything is amazing!!! You are a real artist! It seems that you put your soul in your work. I loved everything.

Maureen Rauch

How do we buy your fabric

Account Deleted

One word, FABULOUS!! I love your color combination and also all the pretty things you have created. Where can we buy the fabric that you have posted here? Thank you


Everything is very pretty! Love everything! Nice job!

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