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May 26, 2011


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carol baker

Super cool Shelley! You looked great and explained things very well. Good pitch for the sewing for orphans. They can work on bags while waiting for your fabric line to come out!

Edith Songer

Shelley! You sounded great! So together and poised.
I've been meaning to call you but I always remember at times when the two hour time zone difference makes it awkward. I hope your life is a little less crazy than it was before quilt market.


You are far too hard on yourself! You did great and I noticed she slipped up a time or two as well. Now that I have a time frame, I know when I can look for your fabric! Great job!


Awww, shucks, ladies - you are way too kind. But Edith, I laughed out loud at the "poised" comment - that's just taking it a bit too far! :-) Things are actually more crazy now in a way, because I'm picking up the pieces of everything I let drop for the past month, PLUS I'm STILL not done with those darn patterns. They have required so much more work than I thought possible due to file/printer issues and just the time it takes to make step-by-step photos and then edit/insert everything. Aack. But I can't quit now!


Hooray!!!! That turned out wonderful! You can tell you are really passionate about OHB.


Deborah Gardner

Wow! I am speechless. I'm crying with gratitude. Thank you friend for doing this!


It's my pleasure - I only wish I could do more! I think of those sweet orphan faces every single day, and I'm so grateful to you for doing so much for them through One Heart Bulgaria. You're an angel!


Just found your blog through Benartex's website. I thought you did a great job with the interview. Congrats on the new fabric line. I can't wait to get my hands on some of it....it looks wonderful.

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