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May 01, 2011


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Love love love them! I see the 7 layer studio design in everything which happens to be a favorite of mine already. Can't wait to hear/see how everything goes at the quilt market!! Yay!


Beautiful! Good luck Shelley!

Jenna Baker

LOVE your fabrics. They are so fun and so beautiful! Way to go:) I'm so proud of all you've accomplished


Good luck Shelley! Your fabrics are beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on some! After a week + of sewing, Market may just seem like a vacation! You are doing great things!

Melinda Baum

Love them! My favorite color combinations, they make me want to go to my sewing room this morning instead of going to school and seeing all the children. :)

Sarah E.

it's beautiful!! congrats :)

Sunny Price

I love them all! Congrats!! We are so proud of you!

Edith Songer

Hooray! I'm so glad you have a few extra days with this! Keep in mind that those of us in Utah can help you with this when you get here--don't make yourself ill. Can't wait to see you here!


Thanks so much everybody! I'm so glad you like them. Katie - yes, by the time I get to Utah it WILL feel like vacation after working so long and hard all month. This last week is going to be brutal = not much sleep on the horizon. Edith, you know me well - I'll try to get to bed earlier tomorrow...a sick me is not going to be any fun. Not to worry - there will be plenty to help me with once I get off that plane even with me working like a maniac here. See you soon! Can't wait!

Beverly Atkins

They are delicious! I love the colors! Can't wait until they are all available. They just warm my heart and make me smile!

Deanne Werth Morris

Congratulations on your beautiful fabrics,Shelley! I still remember the times you helped out in Judy's shop. Who knew,right?

wendi Lane

Shelley...these are so beautiful and prove how talented you are!!! Good Luck at the show. I look forward to hearing how it goes :)


Shelley - so darling prints - LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterflies!!!! Best of luck - I do hope I will see you when you are here in Utah!


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Shannon Margaret

I have to have some.... I can not wait to see it in my hands...


Wow! I Love them all!! Good Luck, I can't wait to purchase some of these!!



greatings from Ans (Holland)

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