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April 01, 2011


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Edith Songer

Whoa, tell me about that wooden plank--it looks like just the thing I might be able to use for the bench part of my mudroom lockers.
Sorry about the frustration. This is just why Casey hates to build stuff.

Sarah Cresap

Hey- So I read this post over Sarah's shoulder waiting for my turn on the computer, and saw your woodwork. Depending on your front overhang, (which may limit your options) you can easily fix this. The process is called scribing - and it's a requirement on 90% of cabinets and countertops, as very little rough contruction comes out pefectly square. Google the term, but basically, you run a pencil with a spacer attached to it along the wall, with the spacer touching the wall and the pencil drawing a line on the counter top. When you are done, you have a line on the back edge of the counter that perfectly matches the imperfect wall. You cut to that line with a jigsaw, butt it up against the wall, and you're done. You can lose an inch or so of material on the back edge, but if you have some extra it works like a charm.


Edith - It's basically a bunch of pine strips glued together in butcher-block fashion, only not as thick. They sell it at Home Depot, and it comes in various widths and lengths. I'm sure you could find a good size for your bench tops, or you can rip a wider plank down to size.

Hi Clint - thanks for the tips about scribing - but I had already cut the board to final length and I had no more wiggle room left. I've done scribing on flooring - I just wasn't anticipating such a drastic warp in the wall over such a short distance. Next time I'll check and compensate for wall crookedness BEFORE I cut to final length = lesson learned bigtime on that!

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