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April 12, 2011


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I love it! Seriously. Perfection!

carol baker

it looks great! good job! how is your fabric line coming? i will see you at market!

Natalie Rose

Oh my! Those perfect stacks of fabric, ribbon and spools of thread almost make me giddy! How can you not be happy and creative in an environment like that. Simply fantastic! And, I have "Keep Calm and Carry On" (but mine's painted on a board) hanging in my living room. Must be good advice for gals such as us. :) Congrats on a job WELL done and good luck with all the other projects coming up!

Heather L.

Wow, it looks AMAZING!!! Love the colors you used, and all of those spools of organized ribbon and stacks of color-coordinated fabric make me swoon! Love it all!


It looks fantastic. I'm sorry it was all so stressful but now you have a lovely, beautiful space to create your lovely, beautiful stuff!

Sarah Cresap

I actually have been curious about this room. I haven't been losing sleep, but you must have! Your energy and productivity astounds me. I'm pretty sure you live in an alternate universe than me where things actually get done. But I really love to peek in!

Jenna Consolo

Beautiful! It must be so satisfying for you to get to work in there, surrounded by so much beauty and order! Well done! Can't wait to see the rest.

Trisha McGary

It looks great. You have accomplished so much since I have seen you last. I love following your blog:)


Thank you SOOO much everyone! I really appreciate all your enthusiastic support, it totally makes my day. Thanks again!


It looks awesome and I love the pictures, your picture board and the ribbon holder they are amazing!!!

The mantra is awesome!! Good luck with getting ready for market and I am sure it will go great for you because you are talented!!

I would love to see a photo of your booth from quilt market once it happens!!

Melinda Baum

I absolutely love what you have done! My favorite has to be the storage for the ribbons. My mind keeps returning to the new table saw I received for Christmas and the wood I have in the garage. As soon as school is out for the summer I will be making some to store my ribbon in! My hands are practically itching to get started on improving my sewing room! Thanks for the wonderful ideas you have given me!


beautiful! where did you get that cute ornate white framed mirror?


Thanks Muffin!
I bought the framed mirror at Home Goods several months ago, it was one of those one-of-a-kind bargains. The chances of you finding an exact duplicate are pretty slim, but Home Goods routinely has a great selection of unique mirrors. Best wishes on finding one you love!

Jessica Hooper

Beautiful! The OCD side of me cannot even imagine such a well organized workshop! It is my dream to have a room as nice as this to do my sewing in someday!

net curtains designs

It looks awesome and very creative in an environment like that. I love following your blog:)

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