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February 19, 2011


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I would love to test a pattern for you! I LOVE the red dresser too. It's beautiful. It matches the red I have painted in my kitchen.


I also love the red - and I'm glad to see you posting again! I would be tempted to try a quilt. I've never done one before but I am always up for a challenge


I could test a pattern, depending on how soon you need it. But I would like to try.


I too would test a pattern depending on how soon you would need it.

Whitney W

I could also pattern test if needed. Love the red dresser, red is my favorite to decorate with.


I love the red! What brand did you end up using?
I am hoping when our weather hits spring temp. to paint a table and buffet that has seen better days.


I LOVE red furniture!!!!

I'd love to test out a pattern for you! So fun!

I think about May all the time and how awesome you are going to do. It's almost here!

Amanda Bennett

Shelley - I'd love to test a quilt pattern for you! What's the time frame? You have 7 ready? Can I choose or do you assign the? I'm good with anything patchwork beginner to advanced. Nothing applique, though. Let me know. I'm seriously interested! ~Amanda


Thanks, everyone, for your support! I'll be emailing you about the patterns. Nicci, I ended up using Rustoleum brand, Heritage Red color in a satin finish. I bought it at Lowe’s. Krylon and Valspar would have also worked, but they didn’t have the color in a satin finish at the stores I went to. Plus I really don’t like Krylon’s spray nozzle – it comes out in a line rather than a circle shape so you have to turn the can all different directions to get it to spray where you want it to.
A tip about spraying furniture: you need to at least scuff-sand the finish so the paint sticks better. It also helps even out a compromised old finish that may be peeling or chipping. You don’t have to get it down to bare wood, just scuff it. Also, the part in the instructions about re-coating within an hour or after 2 days really does matter! Otherwise the finish will get totally ruined because the new coat will cause the old coats that aren’t perfectly dry to blister. It happened to my sister a long time ago and ruined her project.
Good luck with your furniture!


I have never sewn a quilt, so if you needed a complete quilt beginner to try one out, I would love to give it a shot.

Love the red dresser. What does it say on the drawer pulls?


I would love to test a quilt pattern I am new to quilting and am dying to make my daughter a quilt for her brand new big girl bed.I have fabric even already just no pattern. I have several different prints and solids in a soft flannel that is easy to work with...HELP! I need somewhere to start!


The drawer pulls say "discover". I thought it would be very appropo because my drawers are always crammed full and it truly is a discovery to find something in them! :-)

Thanks so much for the offer to test a quilt pattern. I've already farmed them out, and they're geared toward advanced beginner to intermediate quilters anyway. I should have described them better in the post. Thanks though!

John Lair

$70 for that good old dresser?! That's amazing! And you did a magical touch on it! It looks Stunning in that bloody red color. Anyway, with perfect feeling, how did you spend your Valentine's Day? Did you dine in a restaurant or cook and arranged a great dining table for two?

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