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February 23, 2011


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Tell Mr. Frog I love him!! Fabulous! :)


Love the jewelry! Often I have to do the same thing. When a panic attack is coming on I put aside everything that would seem to help and do what really helps. ME TIME! So glad you had time for yourself.

Edith Songer

Ooh, the pretty-pretties! So, where do you buy your pendants? Are they spendy? Not that I will probably do any jewelry--only the lightest necklaces do not give me a headache.


Hahahah! That is so ME all the time. Lists of "have-tos" and I find something else to do. :0) Beautiful job on the jewelry, Shelley!


Yesterday I sewed a dress-up costume for my niece instead of doing taxes or any of the other several things on my highly responsible sounding things to do list. Jewelry sounds almost as theraputic.


Sometimes that is the way to feel the most productive and get your juices flowing again.

Strong work, my friend. :)


Thanks, everybody! Glad to know I'm not the only one who just needs to shut down and take a break once in awhile.
Edith - I bought most of the pendants at Michaels, and the beads at either Michaels or JoAnn's. Sorry you can't wear necklaces without getting headaches...guess I won't be bringing you one when I come visit in May!
Deanna - eww, taxes....I thank my lucky stars that my husband takes care of those unsavory types of things. Having to do that stuff would really, really push me over the edge!
Emilie - yes, I do feel better. Now I can put my beads away for awhile and concentrate on patterns. And laundry. And...


beautiful work!

Jenna Consolo

Beautiful! You have such an eye for beauty! Your list of things to do is so overwhelming, with hardly one thing that's easy to cross off. Very daunting! You amaze me!


Aww, thanks Jenna! Don't be too amazed, though - I haven't actually accomplished any of those things yet (except the house cleaning part - I tackled that today)! It'll be a very interesting next couple of months, that's for sure. Thanks for the encouraging words - I really appreciate it!

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