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December 19, 2010


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WOW!!!! I LOVE the wedding photos you took - you did a BEAUTIFUL job! They look like such a happy couple. B&W is always more dramatic isn't it? I think sometimes color distracts from a person's expression.

Your self portraits are also VERY nice. I don't know how you can hit the self-timer button and manage to look so relaxed when the photo snaps. I prefer the second photo. You look great in both of them, but I like seeing your body language in the second one - relaxed but totally confident.


The wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking. And the photos of you are very nice as well! I agree with Ann, the second photo is my favorite. Relaxed and confident. Couldn't have said it better myself!


Great photos.
As for your self portraits - I also prefer the second.

Sunny Price

I prefer the second one. The bridal portraits are wonderful! You are truly a talented woman.

Edith Songer

I also say second photo. Love your wedding photography.


The second photo speaks to me more than the first. It's like I get a peak a the true Shelly!

Amazing wedding photos!


Thanks, everyone, for your compliments and your input! Looks like it's unanimous, then - 2nd photo it is!
Ann, in answer to your comment about looking relaxed...it actually took about 150 pictures (at 10 clicks per timer episode) to get that one! You all would have laughed to have seen my routine: I had to set up a chair with a pillow on it at the same height and depth as where my head was going to be so the lens would focus on my face and not the backdrop. I'd press the button, race over to lift the chair out of the way, plop down on the floor, and quickly try to get into a "relaxed" position before the camera quit clicking 10 times in succession. The first several shots were always blurry, but by the end of each set I'd get a few clear ones. Then I'd get up, inspect the pose, and try the whole thing again because I was usually looking goofy. Soooo...one out of 150 ain't bad! Thank goodness for digital cameras with LCD panels. And yes, I'm asking for a camera remote clicker thingy for Christmas!

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