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November 09, 2010


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These are simply adorable! I cannot wait to make them for our tree!! (Can you say weekend project?) The big rectangular ones are great to hang up on the walls as well! Thank you for sharing these!

Sarah E.

Thank you SO much for sharing these so fast! I LOVE them!!! I picked up some supplied today and will be printing the files tonight. Michaels only had 1 oval, so I'll have to go back there anyway!! Hopefully they have more soon, because I just love this!


GORGEOUS! These are so, so beautiful! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Jen Goode

Love this tutorial thank you for sharing!


I'm making some soon...picked up the wood shapes and ribbon today! Will post pics when I'm done! Is it to early to put my tree up? I can't wait.. :)


What a great idea! I love them! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.


Thank you for participating in the blog hop! Your craft is great. We also wanted to let you know that your project will be featured in a special "Blog Hop Recap" newsletter that will mail on the 24th. Thanks again!

Editor, FaveCrafts


Wonderful! I am bookmarking this for next year!

Peggy Pearson

How nice of you to share your designs. Thanks


Your creations are just beautiful and your tutorial very easy to follow. Your home looks like a Pottery Barn catalog!
Thanks for all the great ideas!
I added some of your ideas to:

I hope you don't mind but if you do please lmk. thanks!


I made these a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love them. I told my boo that we now have ornaments for our first Christmas tree! Thank you!


Absolutly love these. Are you selling any? I need 11 of them before Dec 2nd? Can you let me know?


Hi Richelle,
Thanks, I'm glad you like them! Unfortunately, I'm totally swamped with other things right now and can't make any to sell. They're really quite easy, hopefully you'll be able to make them yourself or hire a crafty friend of yours to do it for you!
Best wishes, Shelley


These are so awesome! I think we might make these for the cousin ornament exchange. Thanks for sharing!


Could you please share what the more formal font is called? I'm trying to print out a large 'Joy to the World' and cannot find one that I like as much as the one you used!


Hi Kristen, The formal font is called Edwardian Script ITC, and it's a standard font with the Illustrator CS3 program. Hope this helps, and best wishes to you!

Nicole {Miss Mommy}

New to your site and have you bookmarked. I found you through Somewhatsimple.

LOVE your site and LOVE these ornaments :)

I have a question - I don't see how I can follow you?

I'd love it if you stopped by my place sometime too :)


I was wondering if the links to the PDF files are still working. I've tried to download them, and they don't appear to be working? Thank you!


Hi Megan,
I'm sorry that they aren't working for you...I reloaded them, because I had somebody else email me with the same problem. They're printing out just fine for me - I'm sorry I'm not a computer whiz, I have no idea what to do beyond reloading them. If you still can't print them (there's a little menu that pops up at the bottom of the PDF page after I click on the link in my post) then let me know and I can email the files to you. Best wishes, hope this helps!


I love these. What wonderful photos! Great directions too. Really pretty.
Thanks for posting.
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Does anyone know what the contemporary font is? I've tried several methods, and can't find it! Thanks in advance @muz4k


I would like to put names on instead. Can you send a blank to add words to it? or tell me how you got the sheet music and what you did to type the words on


Hi Stacey,
I created the images in Illustrator by scanning sheet music and tilting the orientation of it on the artboard. I then put a semi-opaque white layer over it and added the text.
I'll see if I have any files saved with no words on it...but if you don't have Illustrator I'm not sure if you'd be able to use my files to type new words on top of my existing music image.

Tina Carpenter

I would like to get permission to sell these ornaments. I would give your design full credit and direct people to your web site.


I am making these now. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for the great tutorial and sharing these:)

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