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November 09, 2010


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Trisha McGary

You never seem to amaze me:) I love all your crafts. Do you have any fabric out yet?

Sarah E.

Okay, I want these too. I totally want a musical tree now. I already have some great red and silver ornaments, now I'm just missing the music. :) So, I don't really want to pay for shipping on those napkins... I'm assuming regular paper is too thick, is that so? So then I thought... what about tissue paper? It looks like you can print on tissue paper (taped to printer paper). If I found some music to print off, do you think tissue paper would work? Or is it too thin? Any thoughts or other ideas?

makati condominiums

What a lovely Christmas decorations. Fit for this coming Christmas Day. Will gonna make too for my new condo decor for the coming holiday.

Angelo H

condominium makati

I will try doing this for the next year, its too expensive to buy decorations, that's why I will try to make my own. thanks for this.



Love these, I will be making them for my piano students next Christmas!

Marina M F Filipp

I discovered your work this week. It's fascinationg! Congratulations for everything! Everything is wonderful.

Penny Lambert

Hi Shelley,
I just found your site this morning! Everything you do is just beautiful! Thank you for the ideas, I want to try the musical spheres this week, and was thinking about puitting scriptures on them instead, what do you think? If I could get your permission maybe i could sell some at our local craft show next month. Thank you for all the beauty you add to the world! You will be blessed!



could I get the files for the very large banner ornaments please. If you've got them for the large round ornments I would love those files too. These are great! Thank you


Hi Lydia,
All of the files for these ornaments and the large banner ones are linked within the body of the post. Click on the "wordstrip" links in red for the spheres, and at the end of the other ornament post you will find the links for the large banner ones. When you click on the links, it should open up to a PDF file which you can then print.

Bev Meng

Where can I buy clear glitter? Neither Michael's nor Hobby Lobby carries this. I live in St. Louis, MO. I have finished these, but the glitter brings the BLING!!

Yolanda Crisostomo

These are so pretty! Great as a gift for a musician, singer,or music lover.

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