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November 07, 2010


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April Howard

I think I like #2 the best, but they're both good :) At least you're done for another year!


I like the first one better. I feel your pain in getting everyone to cooperate for family pictures. John is the worst one, but he had better get used to it. I'm not about to stop wanting family pictures!

Edith Songer

Originally I liked the first one better. Then I waffled. Now I'm no help to you. They are both great. In our family, we tend to choose the one where the kids look the goofiest, just to keep it real.

Edith Songer

I'm glad to hear there's another dad out there who hates the family photo scene. It's bad enough fighting the kids, but. . .


Oh my, oh my! Where have you been all my life, or my Virginia life I should say! A little birdy told me you were talented, but wow! You are smoking mama!! I don't think we have "officially" meet...Stacey, from church. I own a girls party business in Occoquan if that rings a bell? I would love nothing more than to get to know you better and talk "crafty" "creative" craziness w/ you!!

Michele Mendenhall

I think I like the first one better, however they turned out very well for using a timer. We should have been thinking and gone while I was there, I could have pushed the button.

Ann Inman

Great pictures. I just can't believe those kids are that old. Has it been that long since you moved away? It seems that as we get older, we can't keep up with time as easily. I also love your site. Happy holidays!


Beautiful family:-D

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