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August 02, 2010


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I like to think that nobody would violate your copyright and forward a PDF, but I know it happens. I am an instant-gratification person, however, and would much rather buy a PDF to download than mail-order or find a store in my remote corner of the US that carries your patterns. I would prefer a PDF but I am sure it holds much more risk as far as copyright infringement. On the other hand, you have the ability to appeal to a greater number of people who live all over the world and might prefer to have a download rather than pay for international shipping. So my answer is that I don't have an answer for you. I hope someone does! And I am so excited for you!!


I don't like the pdf's because I have to print them to use them. However, I have bought pdf's and none of them were password protected. That I liked. I think of personal use like you would with a paper copy, if I would have let my friend borrow the pattern when I was done with it, well then I will email it to them but if it was somebody who I wouldn't trust with my paper copy then I don't email it to them. So far, I think I've emailed one pattern to one friend which I know is admitting to copyright infringement but I believe that it falls in under the personal use category because that person was only making a product for them self.

I guess I don't have an answer but I do have a personal experience... hopefully that'll help you!

Sarah E.

The ones I have bought don't have any kind of password. They just trust and hope people are honest and good. Like the previous commenter, I'm sure it does happen, but I hope overall that it doesn't happen.


I purchase PDF's all the time, and none had a password although I'm sure someone could manage to put something in the code to do it. People are going to give away patterns regardless of what you do, but most people are good and honest and trustworthy and will do the right thing.

Janaina Oliveira

I just by pdfs its convenient , cheaper and eco friendly they dont use password just state that you can not share, i guess is a trust you'll have to have, but even mailed patterns are not free to be shared so I guess you can't control everything.

Sherry Bourbeau

Shelly, Like others, I would never dream of passing the pattern along to others any more than I would pass any other type. I rarely buy any patterns other than PDF unless I am in a shop that has a pattern I can buy. As others have said, I want it when I see it!! If I have to wait, I usually just figure out how to do it myself.


I would absolutely lend a friend my printed pdf pattern, in the same way I would lend her a book I loved. Any of my friends would purchase the pattern for themselves, if they liked it (and it was reasonably affordable), much like they would want to own the book for re-reading, if they fell in love with it.
Nobody I know, as much as we are all struggling at times, would dream of exploiting and abusing how much work and time another person had put into their personal business. We're all just trying to stay afloat and everyone I know would honor that.


I am torn on this topic. I agree with Anja and the theory of lending a book to a friend. the majority of us aren't going to use the pattern for personal monetary gain but for fun projects with friends. If i bought a pattern at the store i would definately share it with someone else. Is that a copyright infringement? If i bought a PDF, i could easily print it out and share it. That is just the way the world turns. But I also understand that this is your creation and you are allowing others to make use of it. I love all your creations. I wish I was so creative! You have to make a decision especially if you actually have the copyright to the pattern.

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