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July 19, 2010


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Sarah E.

Well, I'd LOVE to test a pattern for you! These are adorable!!! I'd really be happy to test any of them! But I am especially drawn to the grey clutch or the mini and the red tote. But seriously, I'd love to test any of them!!! And congrats and good luck!! :)


Oh, pick me! I'd _love_ to test a pattern for you - any of them ... but I really like the red tote, the jumbo tote, or the messenger bag. (Okay, they're all cute .. but I love tote bags of any size or shape. I can never have too many!)

Jillian McGregor

I'd also started teaching sewing, but didn't know how to go about it. I ended up just making projects and we both learned on fly. I would love to have some guidance in it all. I'm not an expert sewer, by far!, but if no one else asks, I'll try a pattern. I imagine your instructions are easier to follow than some of the tutorials on line :. Thanks!!

Edith Songer

I'd be happy to test any one of these gorgeous bags--just give me whichever one is left after the others are chosen.
Here's hoping you make a million bucks.


I have always loved the diaper bag you made for Michele. I'd love to test a pattern for you. I am going to be gone the week of July 26-30, so that might be when you need it done, but if not I could work on it right when I get back. I love the Red Tote or Jumbo Tote, and the Messanger Bag. So if you need another helper, count me in!


I would love to test a pattern for you. I would test any of them. I think the one you have here is just adorable! I also would be interested in your sewing classes for girls curriculum. I am a very experienced seamstress.

Sarah Cresap

Shelley. I'd love to try my hand at the messenger bag and see if I can make it masculine enough for my boys. We are moving right now, but we'll be setted in SLC by Aug. 10th and my new house has a sewing room! Never thought I'd have one of those! I'm hoping it has a lock so I can leave projects in progress.

Janaina Oliveira

I can't wit to buy this what a great idea to help us to calculate them


Looks like you already have enough testers but if you need more I would love to test the red tote, or any of them really. Let me know.


I'll test any size you would like.


I have done almost all of your tutorials and LOVE your patterns. I will do one of the little clutches if you still need someone. I would do any, but have a few other projects going on right now. Let me know and I would love to do it.

Pat Chivers

I would love to test your Red Tote Bag! Red is one of my most favorite colors and my eye was really drawn to this bag!


I had a huge comment written and it went away. Sigh. Shelley, I think you are such an inspiration, and I truly love to see everything you do! I will be a tester if you need anyone else, although I think you might be all set. I have no preference on the bags, they are all adorable. I am thinking you might want to try to get at least one beginning seamstress to test just to make sure they could handle it. I know when I got my hands on the Amy Butler cabo halter pattern, a friend of mine was going to do it with me as a sew-along but she was overwhelmed by it and just put it away... but I found the pattern to be incredibly user-friendly. Different perspectives! On another note, I would love to have a copy of your sewing curriculum. I have friends who have asked me to get their children interested in sewing but I don't have any kind of formal plans for that and would feel better if I had your ideas to go by. My email is [email protected]. And thank you, again, for having this blog as an inspiration and for still appearing human although I think you must have some kind of super powers. :-) Morgen

Kate W.

I posted a comment, but it looks like it didn't make it on here. Its okay, I was around #7 anyway. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still reading and watching your kiddos grow. I can't believe how big they are getting! :0) Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!


What a great pattern this will be! I would love to test the Jumbo Tote since with three kids I carry everything in my purse! Thanks for the opportunity!


Hi! Absolutely gorgeous pattern! As a relatively new sewer, I'd be glad to test any of the patterns to see how it easy it would be from a beginner's perspective.
Take care!


I am sure you have plenty of testers so how will we be able to purchase this pattern? I had to give my old email it won't accept my actuall one :( but it's [email protected]


{pickme!pickme} … I'd love to test it, but it looks like you have plenty who have volunteered already. Heck, I was hoping for a link to buy it … it looks fabulous!! Can't wait to get m hands on it either way :)

Ruth Oblinski

I'd love to test a pettern for you but it looks like you've got lots.
Lovely pattern


I would love to be a tester, but it looks like you are set. I'm looking forward to the pattern being available for sale. How can I safely send you my email, I'd be interested in viewing your sewing classes curriculum.

Jessica M Hooper

I also would love to test one of these patterns if you are in need of any more testers, if not do you know when these patterns will be available? i love your turtorials on the mini wallet and clutch purse and can not wait to try some of these new styles!

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