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December 28, 2009


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Katie Weber

I love that first one of Eliza...she is so cute! And the ones of Hazel are sweet. As frustrating as it is, they reflect her personality so much that you can't help but smile. I think my fave of her is that second twirly one, where all that is still is her cute face and her red slippered foot. You did a great job and the dresses are beautiful! :0)


Love em! And let me tell you as a professional photographer, while we as parents ALL LOVE the posed "perfect" cheesecake shots, the ones that will make you giggle, smile and have for a great 16th birthday blackmail *G* are the boingy twirly girly images.
I really enjoy your blog! Keep it up. You are inspiring me to get off my duff and just go on and post. I am such a slug...lol


I feel ya! Try getting a 2 month old to look at the camera...I can't believe chocolate didn't work. We still didn't get a family shot yet. I am hoping for the same thing you tried. We are going to wear our sunday christmas outfits in a few sundays and try for a shot then.


Great job mom! I know everyone says this... but enjoy it while it lasts. Before too long they will be dealing with little ones of their own. Happy New Year!

Edith Songer

Those dresses are beautiful! And washable!? Wow!
My sister took family pictures of us way back in August and I still haven't done our family letter.
In the end you'll love those pictures of your kids as they really are because it will bring back memories better than the ones where they all smiled together.


You have the cutest kids! I love the action shots! I can totally relate with my kids. You can see our Christmas card on my blog. I don't think any of them are even looking at the camera, but I loved the picture cause they were laughing and having fun. That's what I like to remember. It's not about the "perfect" picture it's about capturing the moment!

PS- Thanks so much for your comment on my new photography site. You know I've been stalking your blog for ages (I know, I need to comment more!) and I LOVE everything you do!

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