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September 30, 2009


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Edith Songer

Everything looks just beautiful, Shelley!
Good work, both of you.

Sam D.

Can I move in too? It looks great!

jill denham

Oh I love your kitchen! It just looks so wonderful :) Our home has the same cabinets right now as what you tore out and replaced...gives me some motivation to get working. Great job!

Someday Crafts

I wish my old kitchen looked like that! I love all the red and polka dots. It makes me happy too!


Shelly! LOve the kitchen. Tell your husband he is amazing. Isn't it nice to have him around? Did I tell you we finished the rocker? Well, Zac finished. He is also amazing. I am just trying to find the right trim...right now we have staples. Ugly.

Don't feel bad having so much red. I love red. One can never have too much red. I did the rocker black witha a red seat. Not sure it will go in the nursery but I wanted it to eventually match the rest of my house...so red it was. Thanks for all your help. I will have to post a picture one I find the right trim. Can you believe I am having a baby in 10 days?! I am almost freaking out here. WEll enough said. So good to see you new house.


Your house looks great! Hopefully I'll be able to come by and see it if the Navy ever sends me to DC!


All I can say is WOW! And I still haven't installed that bathroom exhaust fan I bought 3 months ago...


I haven't checked your blog in a while....but WOW!!!!!! You are still as amazing as ever! I LOVE your kitchen, polka dots, and all the red!
Of course, your kids are pretty darn cute too!
We sure miss you guys!

Jeannie Willis

Hi Shelley!
My name is Jeannie Willis, and I worked as the PE aide at Willamina Middle School when you attended there.
I happened across your blog, and just let me say, it is awesome!! I have stayed up WAY to late a few nights to look at all your amazing things. Your red dressers and small tables are my favorites!! I have a small dresser downstairs that is calling me to experiment!
You have a beautiful family, and I am so happy for your success! I will be a dedicated blog follower! Blessings to you!

דלת כניסה מחיר

Marvelous kitchen!! I never see such wonderful kitchen with POLKA dots. I never found such a great and amazing kitchen.

jennifer hayden

I am so excited to have met you the way we have. I must say we are two peas in a pod! Your red theme is just me! I too am afraid I went over the top with two large red polka dot couches, however I get huge compliments on them from everyone who comes to one of our many parties throughout the year. I am just in awe at the recreations you have done on the furniture. I have a wall unit from Turkey that Matt so proudly shipped home to Germany one time for me. He had taken the Ethan Allen catalog I had dog tagged and tried to match it as best as possible. It is just the wrong stain of brown. I would love to follow you on one of your adventures to learn how to redo this to a great work of art! I wish you were not moving, because I think we would become fast friends. Your dish collections almost challenges mine. We usually have several parties with our squadron each year or neighbors too.... Matt says I need a room just for all the entertaining equipment I have. We have become the go to house for any party item you might need or decoration homemade of course! Many have deemed me the Party Planner, however stressful that can become... I really do enjoy having anywhere from 150 at our last Hayden Harvest get together to a small family of 4 over. I look forward to spending more time on your blog... I wish I had your energy!

Louie Cunningham

Whoa! Yeah, the fridge looked awkward before the reno. You guys sure did a lot of work with the kitchen. It's great that all the work paid off. Every nook and cranny looks so swell. It's so nice to look at all the vibrant red shades that are very abundant in your house. Great job!

corner pantry cabinet

Very impressive! What a wonderful transformation!! :)

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