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May 07, 2009


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Great tutorial!! I posted a link on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-fully-lined-tab-top-curtains/2009/05/08/


Wow, this is fabulous! This is a totally new kind of tab top to me too. It never occurred to me to put the tabs behind the panel, I like that so much more! I'll be linking.


Wow. Just wow. What a lot of work! But your drapes look fabulous, and I'm glad to know now, how to do it. Many thanks for sharing your expertise.

And, Happy Mothers' Day!

michelle johnnie

Darling! I would love to make some drapes like yours someday. What a great use for a duvet!


Beautiful! I love all of your tutorials but this one is by far, the best!


You are amazing... why didn't I get an ounce of your talent???


I have been searching the web to find out how to make this type of drapery and your tutorial is so simple and easy to follow! I am starting on my drapes today. Thank you so much for posting this!

Shutters Perth

I just have to agree with them that your work was totally fabulous! I was very inspired reading through those great tips and tutorial. Your not just skillful but you've really got such great gift of talent. I love how you personally gave creative touch for your designs, it look so great and elegantly perfect.

San Francisco

I have been searching the net to find some site that gave well thought out directions to the novice in sewing like myself. Excellent directions and very easy to follow. My drapes will look perfect! Thank you and keep the information coming.


This pattern is exactly what I was looking for! It's taken me a while to find the one I want and I'm glad I ran across your website! The directions and pictures are easy to follow and I think this will be a fun project for me to work on before our baby arrives!
Thank you for posting this!!

Account Deleted

No speaking ingles , Beautiful! I love all of your tutorials but this one is by far, the best!

Ana Melo
Brasil- São Paulo

Amy Jo

Finally! A helpful curtain tutorial. I so appreciate it. :-) I think I'm off to go make my new curtains now!

christine pappas

I am about to begin working on my new curtains, and your "hidden" tabs, using ribbon, will make my job so much easier. Thank you so much!!

net curtains designs

What a great design! It gives me lots of ideas about net curtains designs!
I am new with this so it's really a great help! Thank you for sharing beautiful information.

Diane Edwards

I am almost finished with my second pair of curtains following your instructions. They are great. The first pair was done with the hidden tabs but I thought I would try the more regular tabs for the second pair. My grandsons are the beneficiaries of your tutorial. Thank you so much. I appreciate you and your talent. Best,

Diane Wing

I love this tutorial! Thank you so much for posting it. Those drapes are fabulous! Love the color choices.


That was really nice. Thanks for sharing this tutorial :-)


What a decoration I'd like to have the imagination to create an environment like that at home, but sometimes I lack of ideas, it has been perfect for me because I'm gonna take your ideas , thanks.


Awesome. Have you sent this in to IKEA Hackers?


Since rods can be very pricey, I bought a 10 foot length of conduit for $1.39, cut it to the length I needed with a hack saw. I inserted a small piece of wooden dowel into the ends. By drilling into that, I could add a decorative finial. Then I spray painted everything. Looks great and is much sturdier than many store bought rods!


Terry, that is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!


This is a great step by step tutorial. Just one question about the tabs -- When I sew the bottom of the tab to the curtain, the line of stitching will show through to the outside of my curtains, correct? How do I hide this stitching other than matching the thread to the curtain as close as possible?


Hi Mae, Yes, the line of stitching will show through. If you want to try and hand-stitch the tabs, that would disguise the stitching much better. But you'd have to make sure that your needle caught at least some of the back threads of the main fabric, rather than just sewing the tabs to the liner fabric. If you don't sew through to the main fabric, the drapes will not hang correctly.

tab topped curtains

The tab topped curtains has great designs.

Margaret Warhola

Well aren't you clever!! I am definitely impressed. Love the tab top, I am in the middle of making drapes which are getting pricey. Should have read this first. Good Job!!


I really enjoy your blog and LOVE the choice of music. Looks like you keep very busy...LOL.


Wanted to check out your blog but you really need to give people the opportunity to NOT listen to the music... it was very disruptive! Why do people do this?!

Judie in CA

I, too prefer to not have music when I am looking at blogs, but I simply turn the sound down or off. Takes about a second. Actually, I usually have the sound off on my computer and turn it on only when I want to hear what is being said or played. When I am home alone, it is the rare occasion that it's not beautifully quiet in my home. I enjoy quiet. I think people do this because music makes them happy and they want to share their happiness. We're all a little different in our preferences. I don't think people intend to be disruptive or annoying in any way. I can assure you that their intentions are very good..and in my 50+ years, I've learned to graciously accept good intentions. I hope that helps.

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