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April 02, 2009


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I love the padding, it looks great! I'll be linking to this post if you don't mind.

I am totally jealous of Hazel's adorable skirt!

Cathie Jones

I love that frame (or padding !),I will surely have a go at it and send a photo of it. I've just added your site's adress to my favorite to come back to see you ! I know the feeling to try to take photo of my little one and he wouldn't even look at me ! Is it something to do with us being softer with our third one !?


Did you secure the back with something other than tape? Did you get a new car?


What a lovely home. A lot of work for your deck and steps. Your husband did a fantastic job and you did also. Thank you for sharing your crafts and your wonderfull music. It was so nice to have the music in the back ground when going through your pictures and tutoral.
Happy Holidays!


Wow! Your ribbon board looks incredible! I used your tutorial to make my own, (although I used an old pinboard instead of a frame) and I am really happy with the results! When I post the pics to my blog I will link back to this site! Thanks again!



Thanks for this - I was wondering what to do with some extra fabric I used for an interior awning (to block light above the window and convince him to sleep in past 6 am!) in my 6 month old's room. This will look great on the wall. I am NOT artistic but your well-laid out instructions are inspiring me.

Esmeralda Carter

Wow Shelley, your Blog is really fun and exciting. I am in the process of making an Oriental Bulletin Board for a dear friend so I will use your tips on getting it to look quilted. Would it be bad to use pressboard instead of cardboard? She wants quite a large one for her office. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and your home looks wonderful. You are truly blessed to have so many talents to share with others.

Victoria @ Mommy Marginalia

Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to make a ribbon board for my little girl's nursery!

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