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April 03, 2009


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Sarah Cresap

I agree with you. You should paint them black (with a bit of red peeking--but look at it solid black first). With all the business of the fabrics, the coordinating paint colors is a bit too much to take in. You totally inspire me, Shelley! I'm made a little Easter arrangment in my front hall, and I've been thinking about blogging it: "Ode to Shelley"

Tara S.

I think you should go with the black. I actually have a kitchen table just like that that I redid a few months ago. It had gone through two generations (we are the third) of family and was totally disgusting. My husband and I sanded it down and painted and it is black/brown like yours with black chairs.

I also have to say I love your blog. I came across it a few months ago and have made many of the items in your tutorials. I made 60 bookmarks for the RS birthday enrichment. (I am the Enrichment leader. And I am assuming you are LDS.) And right now I am in the middle of making skirts for my 2 daughters (ages 9 and 1) and myself for Easter.

Thank you for sharing your talents.


I love the red -- but I am a huge fan of all things red! :) I vote for leave them red...


I love the red, I love how they pop! The black is used as a neutral, really, and I think you should feel free to do what you want to go with it. I hate to make the "voting" even by saying that as it would be easier on you to have a definite one way or the other. Sorry! I really think you can do no wrong and I love your style! And I never knew I wanted pink horn-rimmed glasses until you mentioned it but you are right, I do!!!


Black is my vote. I think it would look sharp!

Kristy Erickson

idk, I like the red. But I can't totally take it in without seeing it in person. You are such an artist, you'll be able to make the perfect choice!


I love the red, but I also adore the other chairs you did in black. I say you keep them red until you get sick of that look and then switch it up by doing the black.

Amy Peacock

I would definately paint them black. The seats would be more of the focus then. Right now the eyes don't know whether to focus on the red of the wood, the georgous table or the seats themselves. With the chairs done in black you would be able to appreciate the patterns of the seats.

Great job though...I LOVE the set!!

Brittany Burton

Leaning towards black, but please post a picture of the black chairs around the table so we can just see what it would look like.


I love the red! I think that it adds some zest to the table. I think that too much black start to look bleek.

Penny Pudge

I love the way it looks! Leave them as they are!


I love the red too but think that the chairs should be black with a hit of red.

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