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December 18, 2008


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It's beautiful, I would love to win it for spring. And spring doesn't come for many months yet where I live. I heard a good tip today--read Luke 2 every day, starting today, until christmas. Write down what stands out to you each time. It was a tip to help you not lose the meaning of Christmas in the hustle and bustle. Thanks!


OMG That bag is adorable!

Ok my favorite holiday memory... Seven years ago on Christmas, I introduced my five day old daughter to my Great Gran Grace. I will never forget the look on her face when she heard the baby's middle name was Grace. She about jumped up and squealed "That's my name" It was so sweet. We were also able to take photos of five generations that day. I am so glad we were able to do it because she passed away soon after that. Every time I look at my daughter around Christmas time I remember that day and all the emotions come flooding right back.


Beautiful bag. My favorite holiday memory will be this year. I told my kids about how I asked Santa for a Malibu Barbie that my parents couldn't afford. On Christmas day, it was under the tree. They loved the story so much that my 3 year old is asking for only one thing. . . a malibu barbie. Thank goodness for EBAY.


Thanks for such a fun giveaway! My favorite Christmas memory was three years ago when my baby girl saw the tree for the first time. Her little eyes opened SO wide! I still think the reflection of Christmas lights is a child's eyes is the most beautiful sight.

jacqui jones

love the bag...yum

i dont have a memory really
but for my kids we r creating a lovely ornament collection
i hope they look forward to recieveing their new ornament each year as they grow up


This bag is beautiful, thanks for the opportunity


I love the bag. My favorite christmas memory is when all six siblings would sleep in the same room on christmas eve. It is something that I think brought extra holiday spirit into the house

Fran  Puryear

My Favorite Christmas Memory was 3years years ago. I was preganant with my Son Jack who is now 2 1/2.(I had had 3 miscarriages prior) We gave the grandparents a Christmas Card when they opened it it said "You will get this gift in July. Then When they unwrapped the gift there was an Ultrasound picture in a frame. Well He came 6 weeks early, so we had Christmas in June lol. It was a wonderful time. God is great!

Laura McGee

i have tried to comment a few times, my computer hates me lol
that bag is beautiful!
i found your blog a while ago and have been stalking it since :):)
one of my favorite christmas memories was my husbands and mine first christmas alone. we woke up to just us and we sat under the tree and opened our few presents and really were thankful for eachother and for the savior in our life. it was nice to have a christmas not focused on gifts!


Pah! I just remembered this one: Lissa was--no, I'm going to have to blog about this. It's too elaborate for a comment.
Pretty bag, by the way.
I'm getting nervous for your move. No, wait--that's just Christmas stress!


Pretty bag! I don't really have a favorite memory, but I love watching my dd opening presents. She is 3 and it gets better every year.


Pretty bag! Thanks for doing the giveaway! My favorite thing at Christmas is watching kids (any kids...I don't have any yet!) open presents. It's so fun to see how excited they get!


Of course I love the bag...I think it's funny that my sister Hava's favorite memory is something I hated doing...she didn't mention that her older sister always snuck out to sleep in her own bed.
My favorite Christmas memory is everything about the Holiday. I love the shopping, the wrapping, the baking (especially the baking), the lights, the tree, and the days off...for Zac that is. Well I pretty much covered it. Hope your move it going well.

Anne M

What a lovely bag! I'm new to your blog and it's inspired me greatly. My best holiday memory was when I was quite young. My two sisters and I were given cabage patch dolls along with fabric lined baskets with handles. The perfect bed/carrier. My mom made us each a special blanket for the dolls to match the lining of the baskets. We were all thrilled! I'm due to have a baby girl on Jan. 9th and can't wait to accessorise for her baby dolls some day! Happy Holidays!


The bag is beautiful and so is your site! I have been so inspired by what you share on here. I made a bunch of drawstring bags from your tutorial (I gave jar candles in them as teacher gifts) and I made your bookmarks for the entire staff. My favorite Christmas tip is to sew "slipcovers" out of two pieces of grosgrain ribbon to put over a simple dollar store (thin) headband! I used Fray Check on the cut ends and presto, my daughter had a Christmas headband in a matter of seconds. This would work for any holiday or to make any ordinary outfit more special.


Ohh.....love the bag! I'm in the pre "learning to sew my own bags" phase. You know....the "buy all the cute patterns and cute fabric and tell your husband I promise I'm gonna use all this stuff" phase? You've been there, right? Tell me this phase will pass, otherwise I'm going to need a bigger craft room and that probably won't go over so well.


Love the bag. Too cute! My favorite holiday memory...hmm...there are lots. How about one from this year. My 4 year old decorating our tree. It was so cute to watch her place all the decorations just where she wanted them. The tree turned out a bit (ok, a lot) crazy, but she was thrilled with her work, so I was happy.


Love the bag and my favorite memory
is making cookies with mom and getting to put cherries in the middle of the melt aways
have a great day and thanks for the chance to own a lovely carry all

Shelley C

I love bags...not for myself but for my college aged daughter, who just changes purses with every outfit practacally. I'd love to win it for her!
A special holiday memory for me is the year I received a stuffed blue dog for Christmas. I named him Fido (well Mom did actually), but what is memorable is the fact that all our gifts were purchased with 'green stamps' from the grocery store...anyone else remember those? You collected your stamps all year and received a catalogue of merchandise from which to pick. So many books of stamps per item. We were a family of 7 kids, so some of the early Christmases were alittle 'slim', but we were happy and healthy! I think Fido got thrown up on or something....I don't remember what ever happened to him after many years of cuddling....
Merry Christmas to you and yours...you are a lovely family!


I love the bag, so cute! We always get new christmas pajamas Christmas Eve night to sleep in and wear while opening presents in the morning!


that's a great little bag for my daughter. Thank you for giving it away! I hope I win!


HI Shelley,
I just got your Christmas letter and looked up your blog - you are amazing! I love all of the beautiful things you are making - when do you have time??? I'm not sending out cards this year, but I, too, created a blog last Christmas - it is linked to the Wilcox family bolgspot site. My Christmas tip (after years of playing Santa and Christmas shopping on a tight budget) Jesus only got 3 presents so why should you get more than Jesus? The kids (ages 22-14) are not buying it, but I'm sticking to it this year. Wish I had started this when they were little.


I have been trying to work up the courage to start a bag. This one is just so cute!

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