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October 14, 2008


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Shelley, where did you get the fabric? I have found some of what you use but I'm interested mostly in the red/white diamond fabric. Thanks so much for the tutorials. I love them all! You always do such a great job! :0)


Wow, so much work and love went into this, I love it! I'll be linking to this project.

Joy Turner

Still my favorite thing to sew. I am loving the cherry material...Sandi Henderson right?
It's cold here so when Anne wears her skirts she has to wear long leggings underneath.

Jennifer Chiara

I'd like to adjust the children's skirt for my 12 year old. If her waist is about 26", should I add 3 inches to the waist band? And then how wide should the remainder of the skirt be?

Thanks for your help. I'm excited to begin sewing!

michelle johnnie

I have seen many twirly skirts and I think this is probably my favorite. I'm linking to it! You have great projects!!

Rachel Holloway

I love this tutorial! THANKS so much for sharing!


I just found your blog via oneprettything. I love this tute--I'll be making one for myself soon (perfect for summer!). Thanks so much for putting it together.

Akio Iiuzka from Japan

Dear Stiven and Shelly.
Hello. How are you? I'm Akio from Japan. Do you remember me and Fusano? I have been visiting in Idaho with Marion and Richard. Idaho is very beautiful. And your blog is very nice. And your spider costume also is very cute.Fusano and I were baptized for dead with your Mother today. And it was first time we entered the Temple. We went Yellow Stone with your parents. I caught 20 fish. I was so saisfied.

Best wishes.
Akio and Fusano.


Another awesome tutorial! I'm going to link to this one also!

My Heritage Fabrics

Great Tutorial--we are linking.


I love this!!! Awesome blog! I will be making one of these for my daughter SOON!!!


Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, im eager t try it for my girls,was really clear.

Laura Carvajal

Finished sewing this skirt for my daughter last night it turned out beautifully and she loves it! Thank you so much for the tutorial, great instructions and photos! I will try to send a picture.
Thank you!


Thanks for sharing this. You sew beautifully btw!

marilyn, gramma sempstress

lovely tutorial! Have you thought of doing a circular or semi-circular skirt this way, with ruffled tiers? they're pretty fun. I use C=dx3.14 (I cheat a bit and just use 3 as "pie" for sewing purposes).. to determine the amount of fabric, etc. I cut out a donut shape, the "donut hole"("C" or circumference of inner circle) needs to be big enough to slide easily over the hips, allowing one to use your waistband method. I sew the elastic into a loop, and slide it into the folded waistband, skipping the whole safety pin business. I used to measure elastic on my kiddo's, cut the strip, put their name on it,and pin it to my bulletin board for reference. It's interesting to use math I learned in 1965!


Maravillosa y sobre todo gracias por compartir.

Deirdre O'Flynn

Thank you Shelly for sharing your pattern. I have just made two for my grand daughter for her birthday. I'm sure they are going to be favourites. A great way to use up oddments of fabric.
New Zealand

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