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October 03, 2008


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Oh how cute! I can think of tons of uses for this. Great project, I'll be linking to this.


I love the idea of little pouches inside bigger bags to keep things separate and organized. Also, in all the bags I've made, I never once came across the idea of re-opening the liner seam to turn the bag right side out, what a great trick! I might have to whip up a pouch tonight and see how this goes, thanks for the inspiration! And btw, those fabrics in the one you chose for the tut are amazing together, blue and red are the best combo ever. I know 'cause I decked out my whole sewing room in it...lol!!

Dianne K. Nelson

Great idea! Thanks for the tute!


I made one this past weekend for a baby shower. Stuffed in some burp rags that I made and it was a great gift. Used sock monkey fabric but was in too much of a hurry to take photos. Thanks so much for the tutorial - it was easy to follow and it turned out to be a really nifty bag. Wish I had one when I carried a diaper bag.


What a wonderful idea you put on this site. And I love the music!!! I'm going to leave your page open while I hunt for just the right material for the project. Puts me into a wonderful Sunday mood. Thanks a million.
Judy ....tappin' my toes...

Josh's Mommy

I added a handle to the pouch so that I could dangle it off of my wrist. When I'm in a restaurant, I don't want to take my whole diaper bag and having the handle makes it easier to carry.


great idea and I like the wrist strap suggestion.
My first time to visit you site but I'll be back. I'm always looking for ideas.


I just made one this weekend and it was so easy with your directions.

baby slings

I LOVE that. I like to keep a few diapers and wipes on hand in our family room, but I usually just toss them in the corner. This pouch would work out much better. Thanks. :)


I am so happy to have found your site. I linked to it from "Fave Crafts." I love this little pouch. We are expecting two new babies in June and I am going to whip up a couple of these for the mommies.....I think I'll add the wrist strap also. I love your site. Thanks so much.

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חדרי תינוקות

Amazing tutorial of open picket pouch. It's very useful and help full to me. I like your smart way to presentation of tutorial. I will definitely try out for this tutorial on my next weekend.

חדרי תינוקות מעוצבים

Interesting pouch tutorial shared by you here. I like it. I never see such amazing tutorial before. Great job done by you.


I just love your blog. The music really puts me in the spirit. Thanks for doing this and sharing your great ideas with the rest of us!

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