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September 05, 2008


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these are DARLING! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I'll definitely be trying this!


hmmm...that sounds EXACTLY like my procrastinating self. Thanks for the tutorial! It sure looks like fun!


I actually got my fabric ready already. Now, I need to get me the interfacing and making me bookmarks. I am always using old receipt or something or another and it would be cool to have something nice for a change. Thanks!!! And believe me you are not a procrastinator. I know much worse.


Yes. Oh, yes. Once upon I time, I made cut-out and decorated cookies for my kids' class parties. Now if anybody asks me for cookies I just buy oreos. And you know what? Nobody cares. Thanks for the fabric bookmark tutorial. They look easy enough even for me! Very cute idea!

Joy Turner

Great idea on the Halloween idea...can I copy you?

Shelley Detton

Of course you can, Joy - may the world be full of Halloween bookmarks this year instead of the 10 pounds of candy that usually ends up in our possession by the end of the night. :-)

Dianna Satterlee

Thank you so much! I am a teacher of third graders, and I am planning on making these for the kids in my classroom next year! They will love them! :)
Di Satterlee


What a great idea to put thoes scrap fabric into good use. I am going to make this for my SIL as a gift for her b'day and give it to her with a book :)

Thanks for the tutorial


Love these! Thanks for the tutorial!


Thanks for the great tutorial. These are so cute. I put a link to your tutorial on my blog today. Thanks again!

Lindsay P

SO CUTE! You could even place something more firm inside like a peice of cardboard from a shoe box. Cut ans PLACE!


Totally cute! Will make great stocking stuffers. Thank you!


Hi Shelly, Love your blog..you are very talented. I was asked to help make 200 of your bookmarks for a Stake RS function. I wanted to get your permisson to do that before I leaked the source!


These are darling and a great use of scraps! I'm going to post a link on http://www.sewwhattoday.blogspot.com

Lenetta @ Nettacow

Love the pinked edges! I linked to this on my roundup of favorite scrap buster links (post is under my name) and if I end up making these for my niece for Christmas, I'll update my handmade Christmas post with a pic and a link here as well. Thanks!!

Lenetta @ Nettacow

This is one of several posts that inspired me in making bookmarks for one of my nieces. You can see what I did at my handmade Christmas post (link is under my name). Thanks!!


Just made these with my kids, my MIL and SIL while the men watched football all day! I will be telling my readers all about it on my site somewhatsimple.com, giving you all the credit, of course!
Thanks for a great tutorial!


Just saw this on Somewhat Simple-perfect...I was looking for something to do with my girls today-they'll love this!! Thanks!!


Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have just made some bookmarks and put a link to your tutorial on my blog. Hope that is ok.


Hmmmm - what a good idea, wish I was the one that found it. I love your bookmarks and the reasons for making them. I will start right this afternoon :o)


Thank you! The members of my reading circle will receive a gift this coming Christmas :-)


I am addicted to making these book marks and giving them as gifts! What a great idea! Just thought I'd add a tidbit: I purchased some precut foam bookmarks, the kind you buy when making crafts with young children. Instead on interfacing I used the foam bookmarks as in insert and sewed the fabric around it. These are also great as take-away gifts for young kids' birthday parties or book clubs. The possibilites are endless....Thank you for getting our creative juices flowing!

Jill M

Just found your blog! I love these bookmarks and plan to make some this week! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.



I love these SO much, thank you! I'm going to make up a bunch for Christmas gifts 2011. And I would love to ask your permission to use your picture on my blog, with a link to you for the tutorial - let me know, please!


Thanks, everyone, for all the comments about these bookmarks! Allie, yes you may use these pictures for your blog, provided that you link back to my blog as you described. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it! Happy bookmark making,


Love them and LOVE that I can use up my fabric scraps and make them into CUTE little bookmark gifts! :) Thanks for sharing!


Simple and lovely! thank you so much.


I just LOVE your site!


GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!




תאורה לבית

Amazing tutorial shared by you here. It's great and creative idea to make tutorials from ribbons.

Joy Gildersleeve

Great idea. I am going to make some for gifts.


Gorgeous...Great project.


I have made a lot of bookmarks exactly like these to sell at craft shows....one exception, instead of the ribbon at the top, I just sewed on a button for decoration.
I really like the ribbon idea though, it really adds to the bookmark!!

Sigrún Haraldsdóttir

Great idea. I am going to make some for gifts.

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