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September 15, 2008


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Very cool - I think I woulf like to try to make it bigger so I can use it like a bagpack - sort of. Will see if I will succeed. :)

Joy Turner

Just what I have been looking for! Anne wanted a matching purse to go with her Oliva skirt. Very cute idea.


Thanks, Shelley!


I like how you used the ribbon for the casing, what a nice touch!


This is *wonderful*! Thanks so much for sharing : )


Make them longer and you'll have some awesome shoe bags.

Mrs. Priss

Great post! Thanks for this idea.

And I have to say... I'm in love with your playlist! Harry Connick Jr.... ohhhh myyy. I love.


This is darling! I'm so glad to have discovered your blog, what a wealth of creativity! I'll be linking to this project in the Daily DIY, not to mention adding you so I don't miss a thing!


Wow that is such an easy way to make a casing, just tried it out on a bag to hold the game tiles from Rummy, and it works like a treat. Thanks for sharing.

Sheryl Cooper

I just found your website and made a couple of these today for Christmas. So cute! I plan to make a lot more. Thank you!



I just stumbled onto your blog while searching for instructions to sew a pouch. I love the fabrics that you have used in this purse pouch - the combination is perfect! Could you share the source of these fabrics? ;) And where do you usually get those gorgeous fabrics for your other projects?


Great idea!
I will make some for this coming xmas as a gift bag. Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial :)


I"ve been looking for new knitting bag and this is just the ticket! I've looked at some on Etsy, but they are pretty pricey. I"m not much of a sewer - really only patches on jeans. I'm thinking that if I rip out a bigger area, I can then slip in a peice of heavy platic or other stiff material so that it can stand on it's own. I'd also liek to add grommets so that my yarn can feed out without the bag being open. GOnna have to try this out! Thanks so much for the pattern idea!


thanks for the idea im only ten and planning on getting my first sewing machine since my grandma is an expert sewer!

liz love

Your blog is so very beautiful, helpful! It is superb!


wooo~,beautiful bag~ Thank share

claire @ madefor 3


I have just followed your tutorial, you made each step very clear and easy to follow, thank you.


I made this pouch in white satin, with black embroidery for a friend who was getting married. She loved it. Thanks for the tute x


I just made one! It looks so sweet. I made it to hold a heating pad I also made. Thanks for the tutorial. Off to make your apron too!




Thank you for the lovely bag tuturial!! I will few of them.

Beth Plummer

Came across this tutorial when I googled DIY drawstring pouch. Thank you so much! It's awesome....I just made two for my girls.

Purse Party

Thanks for the tutorial! I love the bag.

M Manuel

What a cool and simple bag. I have to make 30 bags for a birthday party! Thanks for such an easy to follow tutorial!


I love this little pouch! I am a novice in sewing, and would like to start with this. May I know if it is necessary to wash the fabric first?

Angela Thomas

I know that this is an older post, but I just found it and was able to make a super cute pouch to use as a clutch for an up coming wedding I have to attend. This tutorial was so detailed and easy to follow. I really loved how you used the ribbon for the casing, what a great idea and it made it so simple! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Becky @ UCreate with Kids

This is a great tutorial! you have done a great job. I think I will make this for my little girls to take their little toys to church. They are using ziplock bags at the moment. So tacky, right? Again, thanks for posting this!

Janette Jones-Pipe

This was great i made 10 in various sizes as gift bags for my wedding. So easy and so effective. Thank you


wow , thankyou very much ,soon i will try one


I've made 2!




Love these pouches!


Great little pouch for so many great uses. Thank you for sharing.

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Christmas Gift Bags

This purse of yours is great, my kids would love this, I will do all I can to make more than 5 pieces for this coming Holiday.


I just made this & love it ! Simple...cute...fun! Thank you!

Doris Denton

Just came across your fabulous page. I am 78 and I quilt and simply love anything to do with it. I really love to put the tops together. Was looking for a pouch pattern as my daughter was down this am and noticed the little backpack I had made to ship to Peru along with Sisters in the church back home. I had to move and have been here for a year. There is nothing like home, especially when you loved their 50 some years. One good thing -- I turned to the pc for ideas and have I ever found them. Thank you. I just recently started making curtains and I see some to look into on your site. Thank You. God Bless Doris Denton


I love to browse sewing blogs and see the lovely things others make but there is one thing that literally makes me want to turn right around and leave! You should really educate yourself on copyright laws...I noticed at the bottom of your information and welcome message that you feel that you have the right to ask people to use your patterns for personal use only. American and Canadian law states that patterns, sets of instructions or measurements for any hand crafted item cannot be copyrighted and you certainly do not have control over finished items just because you say so! That would be like saying you own a person's understanding of a set if instructions...their materials and their time. Ideas that have become universal designs can not be owned and I see nothing significantly different about your pouch bag tutorial...or any other for that matter across the web to warrant such a statement! Electronic or paper based copies if patterns or tutorials filled with photos and instructions that you have created out of your own resources and/or time can in a sense be 'copyrighted' but only for the document itself to prevent theft/redistribution etc. of your work. Once someone creates a derivative if your instructions it becomes a completely new item that they have every right to do with it what they like! NO permission required! The same goes for printed fabrics or personally designed materials which can not be controlled once they are sold. By giving people back the rights that they deserve you will find that your time and efforts to lend a hand to others will be just as appreciated! I usually leave sites like this one right away but this time really wanted to say something!

Judy (aka) Jude

Honey I don't have a blog but I'm a Grandma and Great GiGi and I just want you to know how I am impressed with your creativity. You are amazing and it's so wonderful that you keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas. God bless you and I look forward to seeing your next projects. Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials. I lost my sweet hubby the 1st of June so I'm trying to stay busy. The kids are getting homemade ornaments for Christmas . I can't wait to try them.. Thank you Jude

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