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September 10, 2008


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Anjuli Fry

Thank you Thank you!! Those are so cute and look a lot easier to make then the fabric ones I have made in the past. Can't wait to try it out!!!


Wow, you make it look so EASY! I'll have to try this one of these days...

Anjuli Fry

By the way I featured this tutorial on my craft blog. sanityformoms.blogspot.com


HI! I really want to make and sell bow ties at my local flea market. would you allow me to use your pattern? thanks!

michelle johnnie

Those will look great on my son!

Alice Sparks

Thank you so much for this tutorial.it saved my life. I'm a puppeteer and i spend an entirer day looking for bowties for my puppet quartet their called the "Senior Saints" and they were singing for Easter. I finally found one at a tux shop but was very expense. my husband asked if i could make them. i googled "how to make bowties and got u. U did a wonderful job with this tutorial, the pic are great and the instructions are easy to follow, thank-u thank-u

Ann Mulvany

This is fantastic! I'm making a bow tie-themed baby shower gift and this saved my life. Thank you!


Thanks! So glad these little bow ties are useful to you!

Erika Francisco

Where do you buy the velcro thingy and the white thingy that you attached the velcro and twill to.. was it like a headband or something? please email me at [email protected]... i really need it THANK YOU


Thank you for this simple, yet beautiful tutorial! I have been looking all over for an easy way to create a custom bowtie for my son's first birthday! It's going to be terrific!

DKNY Jackets

Thanks for sharing this, I'm gonna make one for my son.


Thanks for sharing, just made one for my little man. Plan to make many more.


Thank you for this tutorial.
My teenage daughter just made 3 terrific bow ties for our craft project!

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