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August 29, 2008


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Aly in GA

Oh, Shelley, my heart goes out to you for the hornets nest you're dealing with right now. School started for my oldest (8 - 3rd grade) on August 11th. We were fortunate enough to be re-districted last year to a brand new elementary school, with an amazing principal that recruited a stellar staff. Our original school sounds a lot like what you're going through - unilaterally horrendous decision-making. Fortunately for those still in that school, the principal finally retired last year, so we're optimistic the situation improves over there.

I hope that parent and teacher pressure can rectify your principal's gaffe too. As upset as the parents and teachers are, unfortunately, it's the kids that are bearing the brunt of this bad plan.

I have to admit, however, I'm *thrilled* that you're doing another give-away. Chances of a random number generator picking #1 probably aren't great, but someone has to be first!

Peace and Blessings for a less-worrisome Labor Day weekend.



Yikes. I'm so sorry for poor Eliza!
But I'm thrilled to enter another giveaway. This time I'm going to send people over, too. I will send my sister Kate and Victoria and hopefully some friends, too.

Sarah Cresap

Your school is acting so island-like! Errr! I can't imagine 100s of kids going through a transition like that simultaneously! What a mess.
And you motivated me with that giveaway to finally get a passkey acoount. I LOVE the print! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Did you hear/read in the Worldwide training about how Sister Beck's father (Elder Bangeter) made them sing "Love at Home" every FHE for 20 years! She begged for a different song and he said, "When you've learned the first lesson we'll move on to the second." I love that story because I know the family personally and as adults, talk about love and unity.

Katie Brown

I'd love to get in on the give away, too! Edith Songer referred me, by the way, so she gets bonus points.

Barbara Hale, Edith's Mom who thinks that print would make a gorgeous quilt.

More power to you fighting for happy children at school. May your cause be blessed. I don't know what URL is. Love, Edith's Mom

Joy Turner

Shelly this all totally stinks. Anne just started school yesturday and the jury is still out. Love the print. You are a wonder...oh, check out the skirt I made for Anne on my blog! You were my inspiration!


I'm entering the drawlading! Edith sent me. I love following your blog - so many great ideas! (I've got you on my google-reader.) I hope I win, I hope I win. - Victoria


I love your black bag. Edith sent me.


Awwww Shelley, sweetie I'm so sorry to hear that there are issues at your school. Schools always seem to go about things the hard way!!


Edith sent me, isn't she great! I love your blog, you are so creative! Beautiful work, I hope I win your giveaway!

JaNeal Peck

Hi! Wendy Minks sent me your blog. Very impressive stuff. I always assume I never finish my projects because I spend too much time online... yet you have tons of fun finished stuff and a very cute blog! Hmmm... Neat give away... happy to join in! JaNeal

Kristy Erickson

One of the things I definitely DON'T miss about the island.....the school. GRRR!! Why can't the district see what a terrible mess she makes of EVERYTHING! That is so frustrating.
The girls started school this past Tue. I was very wary to enroll them in the school by my moms, but they LOVE it! We are trying to close on a house in Ridgefield WA right now. We've hit a few bumps, but hopefully it will work out soon. I am delivering in 12 days!!! YIKES!

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