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July 18, 2008


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How pretty! I love the fabrics that you chose. :)

Anjuli Fry

Hi I am Anjuli my sister Joy Turner introduced me to your site. I love all your bags and cute dresses you make. Unfortunately I have 3 boys... so I don't do much sewing for them. I am trying to make my own purses and love looking at yours for inspiration. They are amazing!


Very cute! I love the bag you made me, I get compliments on it all of the time. It was especially great on vacation. I figured out that it hung on the back of my stroller nicely and so I didn't have to carry the back pack that I brought. It was very handy.


Very, very cool! BTW - your new hair looks fabulous! I heard others mentioning how lovely you looked today :-).


Shelly! We finally recieved our household good the other day - thus the computer. Yay!!! I haven't yet had a moment without the kids to check out the local fabric shops. I am itching to start sewing again. Did you see that my sister is a big fan of your bags? She just made her first one the other day - she is much better at just going to it then I am. When are you going to start selling those bags? I think they are great. I should have had you show me how you do them before I left. Anyway, Andrew still asks when we can play with Hyrum. He is getting that we moved yet...

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