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June 18, 2008


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Ellie (Lani) Lash

Shelley, you amaze me! I cannot believe you built that!!! How totally awesome is that??

I really like the name Athena for your press, since she is the goddess of handicrafts!


Hi Shelley!
How fun!! Lani (known online as Ellie) sent me with a link from her blog. My suggestion for a name is Dream Spinner. You are truly amazing - I wish you the time you need to pursue your dreams.


Hi Shelly, Ellie send me over here to check out your press - you are truely one talented girl!! I immediately though of Einstein(sp?) something such as this is definitely genius and unique.


I wanted to get "etch" in the name - what about GrETCHen?!


How about the Pressident? Or Elle Pressidente, since it's a she.


That baby looks like a "Gertrude" to me!

(I popped over from Ellie's blog, too!)


How about Joan d'Art?

By the way, Ellie Lash sent me to your bloggety blog -


Ellie Lash sent me here.
My name entery for Name That Press is Pricilla Pressly

Can I put a link and post about this on my blog?



Ellie also sent me over here! (Can you tell she wants that monogram? :P) I'm so glad she did because I'm having soooo much fun going through your blog and seeing all your wonderful crafts!

I'm really bad at names so I'll just say that I'm in awe of the creativity of all the other girls! Good luck choosing a name. I'll be popping in to see what it is. :D

Stephnie Robertson

I think Etchella would be a good name... Ellie Lash sent me here!!! She really wants one of your monotypes!!!


I'm gonna say Wilma. Its what popped in my head first after looking at your pictures for a minute.
Have fun creating! I know you do!


I thought a french name would be best, seeing She creates art!
So I would say Gravure or Gravure Pousser

etching art nf eau-forte art
etching nf gravure

press vtr (push on) pousser

Becky Terry

How about Press-cious? (Precious) Since that is the relationship that you have with her, how you feel about her, and how you feel about the people who helped you make her?

I love your work!


Mona the Monoprinter.

I found your website through coconutkate.


Not sure what happened to my first comment...

Mona the monoprinter

and coconutkate sent me.


Ellie sent me too ... she really admires your art!! It is gorgeous & I understand why she loves it!!

How 'bout The Empress (aka Queen of your creations)??!!


Ellie sent me too ... she really admires your art!! It is gorgeous & I understand why she loves it!!

How 'bout The Empress (aka Queen of your creations)??!!


I came from Ellie's blog too. I suggest calling her "Ms Press" :)

Alyson Morrison

Hi Shelley! Ellie sent me, too... bet she'll win on sheer numbers alone!

I came across a quote the other day that, after reading your post, made me think that the perfect name for your press is "Georgia". Specifically, for this Georgia O'Keefe quote:

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way -- things I had no words for."

When I saw some of your prints, it seemed to me that you were speaking through them.

So, my vote is for Georgia!



How fun! You know I love to name stuff =D! Someone already took my suggestion though, it's Press-lee or a variation Pressley, Presley, Preslee..... I also liked GrETCHen though. That's pretty creative!
Katie Weber told me about this, now I'll put a link on my blog =D. GOOD LUCK!


Wow! You built that?? Amazing!

Ellie sent me! (she really wants to win LOL)

I am going to say "Queen.P" (Queen of all Presses)


I say Gertie! Husky gal don't ya think? My dad always told me that he wanted to name me Gertrude. Bless my mom for saying no!


i named one of my cats Pinecone... so I like to give nouns irregular names.. so if I were you I would name my press something along the lines of Envelope. Envelope is a sturdy name... not only that, it has form and function. Something we should all be looking for in our lives.

Debbie B

Ellie sent me too. Some of the names are really inventive! I'm going to suggest "7th Heaven" since your studio is 7 Layer Studio and you really love your press!


What a fun idea and interesting "machine". Don't want to offend her, lol. I got the link from Ellie...for some reason the first thing that popped into my head was "Lucious Lil" !


Hi Shelley! This is Victoria - sis of Edith, Sarah, Kate, etc. I'm so glad I found your blog! So I was thinking of names, and thought of all men's names, then realized you referred to your press as "she." Oops. We (hubby and I)thought "Charming" as in Prints Charming. Maybe Charming could be a female press's name, too?


naming things we love is always hard. here are a few idears:

belle (short and sweet and sounds good with your name: "shelley's belle")

rosebud (captures the ideal of childhood innocence and dreams we long to see come true. hee hee.)

lily (just sounds nice)

good luck! your prints are so lovely.

Laura Gunn

I'm terrible at naming things. But had to chime in to say how fun that whole process looks. Thanks for showing us the ins and outs of your printing process.

PS Thanks for the gardening tips. Funny that you describe your 10X10 garden as "small." Ours is 2X4

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