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October 29, 2011


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I love the pictures of Hazel!!!! These pictures make me really miss fall. I love the Halloween costumes as well. Great job!


Thanks Michele! Fall here is truly a sight to behold. I should go outside more often and leave my work undone inside...pretty soon it's going to be too cold to linger outdoors!

Pamela {JP Alexander Events}

Love the costumes. Looking forward to your instructions for the Alien costumes.


I would love the tutorial or steps on how to make the alien headdresses. My daughter has an "Aliens and Space" theme for bookweek, and this would be perfect (I am in Australia). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Also, did you stick the silver glittery sheets to anthing to make the hats.


Hi Tracy, There's really not much to the alien headdresses - just 8.5" x 11" sheets of glitter foam cut into shapes (you can use regular paper for a template - fold in half so the sides are symmetrical, then trace onto the foam and cut out.)
I stapled 1 strip of foam on both sides of headdress to go around the back of the head like a crown and the big ears hide where the strips are stapled on. The eyes are styrofoam balls cut in half (with a serrated knife) and glued on. That's about it! Good luck to you!

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