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April 25, 2011


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High Pitched Barking

I would LOVE your carrot cake recipe. I'd also like the recipe for your cheese log. That looks yummy as well.

I may have to check out my local Pier 1 and see if they have any of those bunnies. They are CUTE!!!! According to Answers.com a group of bunnies is called a herd or a den...and I had to look that up. =)

Your children are adorable and I always love your photographs.


I would also like your carrot cake recipe, when you get the chance!

Deborah Gardner

Wow, you are Martha Stewart. You create such beauty!

wendi Lane

I LOVE the pictures of the kids and the story about Miss Hazel changing. The decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Of course we want the carrot cake recipe, the cake look so yummy not to tell us how is made, so come and share with us. Your kids are adorable and so funny.

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How'd you make those plant bunnies. That's pretty impressive.

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