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October 13, 2010


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What a great initiative. I'll make a bag as soon as I get a chance!!


I will, I will. I am cleaning out the stash at this very moment. How fitting to read this because last night I was wonder why on earth I buy so much kiddy-bright-colorful stuff. My kids and grandson are grown! Things have a way of working out. I'm going to do the pajamas. I shall find a pattern or two somewhere!

Thanks for doing this. I watched the video of the child recovering from surgery with ants in the bed and was heartsick. How sad that so many people here want to adopt, wait months or years, and these children are wasting away.

I spent five years in a children's home. I remember misbehaving once just so that I could get some attention. That was back when you could slap a kid silly, so I didn't do that again! These kids have it so much worse. Let's hope that this situation will receive the ugly light of publicity and things will change.


LOVE this.

Deborah Gardner

So wonderful!!! What a wonderful blog post and the drawstring bags instructions are perfect! Thank you!

Katie gomez

I was unable to find a link to the pdf file. Don't know what I am doing and sure would like to lessen my stash for this great cause. Thank you.


Hi Katie,
Sorry, there is a lot of text to read through and I need to make the PDF clickable version more obvious. Thanks for letting me know you couldn't find it - I'll be emailing you separately just to make sure you get this note. Thanks!


This is just what I need so I can think and do for others instead of dwelling on my own problems. This is just a great project. I did'nt see the business address that you want these bags sent to. Please let me know.


Love your blog and ideas


Is this initiative still ongoing? I just found it and would like to make some! Please let me know if it is, and if the store contact/address info is current. thanks!


Are you still doing this???



Taryn B. Morvillo

Good afternoon!
I stumbled across your blog around Christmastime when I was looking to make my mom an apron using the (VERY NICE) sewing machine she had given me after much begging for my birthday. She absolutely adores it, by the way - I added pockets 'cause she said "I love pockets!" and, well, would be rude not to take the hint ;-)! So first,thank you so much for your well-written, beautiful tutorials. Today, I stopped by, and clicked on this link - and just cried. I have so much fabric and my newish sewing skills are definitely up to the task of making a bag (and pajama pants). . . I've also just experienced a big life change and as a result, I have a lot of extra time on my hands - so if you are still doing this project - which is really beautifully designed and executed, by the way; it's clearly obvious that this truly is a labor of love for you - I would be honored to contribute to it.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend!

Kenra Asay

I would also like to know if this project is still ongoing. I actually cut out a bunch of the bags from extra fabric I had and it has just taken me a while to get them sewn. I have one more stack to sew and then am hoping to mail them off. Please let me know if you are still collecting them and where to send them.


I posted this site to Pinterest. I dearly hope it was OK, and this is still ongoing. If you don't want it posted, I will delete it. I want to help as well. Hopefully, as soon as I finish my quilt, I will make and send them.

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