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December 28, 2008


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Wow. I don't know how you found the time to do this tutorial! Have been cutting snowflakes since I was a little girl, but yours are works of art - thanks for the reminder of how to do such a simple, inexpensive, elegant Christmas pretty. And best of luck with your move!!

Alice C.

Hey Shelley! You said that you store your snowflakes.. how do you put them up each year without tearing them when you take them down? I made some snowflakes I like so much I don't want to put them up for fear of tearing them! Haha


Hi Alice,
I just work very slowly and peel them off the window...I have torn some from time to time but I just tape over the torn area. I trim the tape off wherever it extends beyond the paper before storing - or I fold the tape over to the other side if it's a straight edge. It's kind of a pain to do all that, but there are some I love so much I can't bear the thought of throwing them away!

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